Bucket Brake  Plus!
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Bucket Brake Testimonials
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"This tool is one of the greatest things I've ever used.  My name is Steve and I'm from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada.  We drywall different up here than in the States, but one thing is common for us both, the mixing!  In Canada most things we see on the Web we take as a joke, but this is no joke.  I bought it as a gag, and realized quickly that instead of taking 5 minutes to mix a pail, I was mixing pails in 30 seconds!!!  I gave it to another taper to try out and never got it back, I was really angry. Anyway, great idea and I'll be buying another one for myself and only myself."
Steve Osborn
Email: d_unit662@hotmail.com

"One of the jobs I'm on is getting dri-vit installed.  I loaned a Bucket Brake to the guy who stands there 8 hours a day and mixes bucket after bucket of dry-vit.  This poor bastard mixes material for over 25 finishers.  He goes through at least 3 pallets of dri-vit a day.  After he had used Bucket Brake for a couple days I asked him what he thought about it.  All I can say is...You sell them for $15? I sold it for $20.  When I went to the job today he asked if I had another.  He said he loaned the tool to some painters a couple times, but that after the third or fourth time they borrowed it, the tool just vanished.  My God, Phil, they're stealing your tool from each other.  I don't know about you, but to me that's a great endorsement. 
Thanks again for the tools."
Steve Tomakin
Email: stevetomakin@hotmail.com

"One of my problems was ruining good "broken-in" knives opening up buckets, plus, scraping my shins from the bucket spinning around.  No more hurt shins or replacing good knives.  Bucket Brake is helping my days be alot less stressful in more ways than one.  Thanks!"
Dan Pulley
Drywall Contractor/VA

Examples of Testimonial Feedbacks From Customers On Ebay:

"Attention tapers! After mixing thousands of bucket since 1978, 
This Is The Tool!!!"

"I can now mix without getting damaged shins...Thanks so much we love it!"

"Excellent product! A real must have!"

"Great tool for mixing texture! Thanks!!"

"Very good tool!!  A+++ Buy this Tool!!! Buy 2!!"

"Just what the doctor ordered for taper making come back after ankle surgery. A++"

"Brilliant idea!"

"What a tool...Awesome...A+"

"Great tool! Will buy more to sell in my retail store."

"Excellent tool! Saves leg scrapes and bruises! Bucket Brake is #1!"

"G R E A T  !!!!!!!!  Just Great!"

"A+++  My husband loves it!!!...Thank you!"

"Very cool product for drywall finishers! Works great and easy to use!!!  A+++++++"