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  • Bucket Brake easily stops 5-gallon buckets from spinning as you mix.

  • Bucket Brake holds the bucket upright for you when mixing powder mud.

  • Bucket Brake cuts 5-gallon lids smooth and easy.

  • Bucket Brake opens 5-gallon lids super fast.

"One Tool That Does The Whole Works!"

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"I purchased two of the Bucket Brakes from you in March and I think I would be lost without it.  I had alot of old scars on my legs, so I'm buying spares in case I lose mine.  Thanks for everything and my new scarless legs."

Email: sikraji@genevaonline.com
"I use Bucket Brake Plus every time I mix.  If I forget and leave it in the truck, I stop and go get it.  I won't mix without it!  Bucket Brake Plus is the ticket!"

CHRIS ALLEN  Virginia Beach, VA

"Attention Tapers!  After mixing thousands of buckets of drywall compound since 1978 -

Email: ifitcudb@yahoo.com
Bucket BrakeR Plus
Patent No. 6,829,800
Copyright 2004 Bucket Brake LLC
The Ultimate Tool For 5-Gallon Buckets

"I use Bucket Brake Plus every single day I'm at work.  It's one of those permanent fixtures in my tool bag.  Mixing quick dry mud is so easy now.  It's awesome!"

BOB SNYDER  Chesapeake, VA
Drywall Contractor
Mixing Has Never Been Easier
Saves Time And Energy
Safe & Convenient
Cuts Smooth & Easy
Open Lids
100% Pain Free
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NEW! Now Made From
Strong Aircraft Aluminum
Bucket Brake Plus
An incredible tool that makes mixing easy and saves you valuable time and energy.

3 - Tools in One

Stops Spinning of 5-Gallon Buckets
as you Mix

Plus, Cuts & Opens 5-Gallon Lids

"If you work with 5-gallon buckets, do yourself a favor and purchase this tool.  Once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever mixed without it!"

       One tool that does the whole works!

Strong & Tough - Invented by a drywall finisher for the industrial professional.

"I invented the Bucket Brake out of frustration.  I was fed up having to keep that bucket from spinning with my feet.  I mixed 8 - 10 buckets of drywall compound each day, and believe me, it got very irritating.  Bucket Brake solved that problem!  It actually makes mixing easy!"  Inventor/Phil Roebuck
Bucket Brake Plus is a fantastic tool for mixing drywall compound, quick set, thin set, plaster, stucco, quikrete, concrete, cement and more!

Bucket Brake Plus, made from strong aircraft aluminum is a durable and extremely efficient 3 in 1 tool.  It is capable of handling the thickest mud on the market.  "Sure to give you years of satisfying service!"
Simply, hook on the handle and stand on the brake.

No need to hold the bucket with your legs, or stand on top it. Just stand back in a relaxed position and mix away. The bucket stays firmly in place. 
You can't beat it!

ANOTHER SUPER CONVENIENCE...when mixing powder, you no longer have to remove the drill to add more material.  Simply, by standing on the brake you can let go of the drill.  The bucket will not turn over.  Your hands are free to add material until you get the preferred consistency.
Simply, slide sharpened edge up into slot underneath lid and swing the opposite end of Bucket Brake down.

Bucket Brake Plus cuts lids smooth and easy without the risk of injury to you or your workers.
No need to waste valuable time hunting for another tool to cut the tabs!

Convenience means money!
Cutting Tabs
Bucket Brake Plus removes lids 30% - 50% faster than by hand and pain-free!

Simply, pop up the tab with Bucket Brake and follow behind with your free hand lifting up tab.

The speed and ease is unbelievable!

Bucket Brake Plus is a super strong tool that will amaze you the first time you use it!

It pays for itself very quickly in the time you save, and especially the hassle it eliminates.

"Once you try it,
you'll never want to mix without it again!"
Removing Lids

Save Option